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Dark Culture First Century



The power of our worldview as the central processor, or filter that we see life through can’t be understated. Your worldview clearly reveals who you are as a person, more than any other element of your life.

Each of us looks at life through the framework of what we believe. Either consciously or unconsciously we have slowly built a framework of beliefs. Everyone alive operates this way. It frames our reality: how we operate, what we do and say, how we feel, and the way we live. That framework is called our “worldview”.

The Bible presents a linear view of everything: our origin in the Universe, our purpose in history, and our destiny.

A Biblical or Christian worldview is a framework or window or lens through which a born-again believer can understand everything in the world, and all of reality from God’s perspective and thus be able to discern and follow God’s will for every choice in life.


Part of a Biblical Worldview is how we look at our time. Either we see time as belonging to us, or belonging to God. Just like our bodies and money, so our time is a reflection of how clearly we believe in God’s ownership of all that we are.

The Sabbath Day was initially God’s signature of ownership.

God created everything.

God ceased from Creation and set aside the 7th day as a reminder of His creation.

God said that one day in the seven would be marked by His special blessing.

That is why we begin our study of: “Understanding the Sabbath Day, God’s Sabbath Rest & Finding Quietness in Ultra Busy Lives”.



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