Open in your bible to II Timothy 3:16

The book you now hold is unlike any other in the world. ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of god…’

God tells us this revelation, this inspired book is the very breath of god. Theopneustos is the word in greek that stands behind the english words…


In 1941 an english scholar named j.b. Phillips began a new translation of an old piece of literature. He got much more than he planned on when he connected with the new testament for war torn england. His testimony is in the preface to the phillips new testament :

“first, i was continually struck by the living quality of the material i worked on. Some will no doubt consider it superstrrious reverence for the “holy writ”, yet again and again i felt rather like an electrician rewiring an ancient house without being able to’turn the mains off”. I feel this fact is worth recording. Secondly, i was struck by the extraordinary unanimity of the letrers. In different ways from their different angles they are talking about the same thing. In conclusion, maybe if we believed what they did it would effect us!”

There are 3,000 pages of material printed every 60 seconds in the USA. In that mountain of information only one book is:

“God -breathed”

All the Scripture are God breathed

This morning, look with me at the two points of this text and let the truth that the Bible you hold in your hand is:

The scriptures are god-breathed. Unique in the world. The very mind of god revealed for you. Only things god can know, and he shared them with you…

Open to Job 38:1-4

God asks a question of job that you need to answer nes morning.

Were you there?

If not, who are you going to trust? Either the only perfectly honest Witness there ever will be or a lie.

There are some extraordinary moments recorded flawlessly in the Word of god. Have you ever realized what it means that these words Were god-breathed? Only he was there to record them… • How about your origin? Creation=”no one but god” Genesis 1-2 • How about coming judgment? Flood = “eight in a billion” gen 6-8; 7:23. • How about current middle east tensions? Call of abram=”the man from ur” • Gen 11-12:1