Short Clip
God Designed the Book of Revelation
Now take that thought a step further. Even the order of the events written down in Revelation, was also exactly engineered by God. John wasn’t sent a box of stories to arrange as he pleased, like a cosmic scrapbook. Rather, this book comes as an eyewitness, guided-by-God, written-by-John, tour of the future.
In Revelation 4 onward, John was taken by God to Heaven (Rev. 4:1), and like a reporter sent to a news scene, John was guided around the scenes in Heaven and on Earth, and told by God, what to write (Rev. 1:11,19); and also what not to write (Rev. 10:4).
What an Amazing Chapter
So as we arrive at chapter 7, first look at all the major doctrines we are confronted with:
A. Doctrine-1 is God’s Complete Control of Timing (v. 1a). That’s the Doctrine of Omniscience: God knows exactly what will happen forever, both past, present, and future.
B. Doctrine-2 is God’s Awesome Power over Nature (v.1b). That’s the Doctrine of Omnipotence: God holds the absolute power as Creator over everything.
C. Doctrine-3 is God’s Amazing Ownership of His Bond Slaves (v. 2-3). That’s the Doctrine of Salvation: God calls, chooses, seals, fills, and uses these 144,000: calling both them and us, His bondslaves.
D. Doctrine-4 is God’s Specific Plans to Use His People (v. 4-8). That’s the Doctrine of Election: God created us for a purpose to serve and glorify Him and has a specific plan for us to follow by choice.
E. Doctrine-5 is God’s Great Love in Action for Lost Sinners (v. 9-10, 13-14). That’s the Doctrine of God as Savior: God loves, seeks, and saves lost sinners.
F. Doctrine-6 is God’s Desire for the Worship of His People (v. 11-12). That’s the Doctrine of God’s Glory: God seeks our worship, inhabits our worship, and wants everything we do, think, and say to bring Him glory.
G. Doctrine-7 is God’s Eternal Plans for His Bond Slaves (v.15-17). That’s the Doctrine of Rewards: everything we do is either good for God’s glory, or worthless forever.
Those seven doctrines are just a glimpse this morning at the richness of this amazing final book of God’s Word. Now, as we read these 17 verses, note with me the amazing truths of the Scriptures, sent by God Himself to bless us if we will Read, Hear, and Keep them.