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I just finished a week at the summer Bible Conference at Word of Life Pines. It was SUCH a blessing. Here is my three-part summary of the last 7 chapters of Revelation.
An Expositional Survey of the last 7 chapters of Revelation
Because Heaven seems so far away from life on Earth, God has given us some key truths to hold onto. God Almighty says that Heaven is:
1—OUR ROOM IN FATHER’S HOUSE: Jesus said it was a “place” He was preparing just for us in His “Father’s House” (Jn. 14). That speaks of family, love, and an anticipated special holiday reunion.
2—OUR SEAT AT GOD’S BANQUET: Jesus also called Heaven a banquet feast that each of us have a place at the table (Mt. 8:11).
3—AN INEXPRESSIBLY WONDERFUL PARADISE TO LONG FOR: Paul said it was “Paradise” (2 Cor. 12) and that he experienced things beyond description that made him long for Heaven (Phil. 1:23). He added that when we are absent from here we are present there (2 Cor. 5).
4—OUR RESERVED PLACE AT THE MOST EXCLUSIVE RESORT: Peter said we have reservations there (1 Peter 1)
5—OUR DESTINATION IN THE HEAVENLY CITY: Abraham believed Heaven was a city with foundations built and made by God (Heb. 11)
6—OUR HOME FOREVER WITH GOD: Finally in Revelation John see that we dwell (tabernacle) with God (Rev. 21-22).