The Resurrection Message Jesus Gave By His Seven Words from the Cross starting in Luke 24:33-45. What does this Resurrection morning mean to all of us gathered in Christ? Everything.

Christ’s resurrection means EVERYTHING to us.

All that we believe, all that we hope, all that we trust—everything was on Jesus:
when He hung on the Cross,
when He was Buried, and all praise to God—when He Rose.

Anything that will be precious and last forever is attached to Christ’s conquest of sin, and death, and the grave.

How About Celebrating Our Risen Christ

I would like all of you who know Christ personally, love Him dearly, and rejoice in this greatest of all days to join me in giving special praise offering to the Lord.

Often we are so quiet about Christ, but so loud at other events. We cheer, and yell, and clap for so many things we are excited about. How about sharing some of that enthusiasm today?

As I read each of these four Resurrection truths this morning and pause, please respond with the way you express great joy and excitement for someone you love accomplishing something special. You can say with great joy an: Amen, Praise the Lord, or Hallelujah!

Jesus lives & The Tomb is empty. [Pause]
Death is defeated & The Grave is opened.
God is in control & His Word is true.
The Devil’s Hold is destroyed & Christ has Won.

From Resurrection morning and onward, Jesus taught His disciples in the reality of what God accomplished through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Those disciples needed help to fully understand all that had taken place—and so do we.

As we open to Luke 24:36 we are going to get to see how Jesus led His disciples in the final training sessions, before He launched them out to live for Him after He ascended back to Heaven.

But how did He do all that? What was Christ’s method is getting the disciples ready to live the rest of their lives FOR Him, without HIM any longer, visibly walking right there beside them?

Jesus Reminded Them Of What He Had Said

Jesus just reminded them of what He had already said. Jesus did not really introduce any new revelations to them; He just opened their minds to what He had already said.


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