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Jesus speaks the truth, not as the scribes did, but as the last word. In today’s world, there’s always someone higher up on the food chain. If you don’t like what they tell you in the aisle, you can go to the service desk. You don’t like what they say there, you can go to the manager. The manager doesn’t say what you like, you can write a letter to the stockholder’s board. There’s always a higher authority to go to. Not with Jesus. He’s the final word.
You want to hear an absolute life-changing truth? Psalm 19 God’s Truth can heal and renew our minds In a world of uncertainty, Jesus introduces Himself as the True One, the final word on everything, the ultimate authority. The Philadelphians, whose lives were uncertain, who faced persecution and losing their jobs, who faced lurking disasters, constant unknowns, and endless potential dangers, were built on the foundation of the True One, the Final Word on Everything, and it made them unshakable.