The Jews are The Final Sign
Satan the Dragon has a fixation on destroying the people of the Name (Rev. 12).
God has written history, and put on paper that He is going to save a remnant of Israel at their final and most desperate hour (Zechariah 12-14).
Satan can read. He knows the written down parts of the plan, and for the past 2600 years since that plan and other parts were revealed, he has intensified his efforts to thwart God.
Satan wants to Thwart God’s Plan
Actually, none of those pogroms, holocausts, and massacres were the ideas of Haman, Roman Emperors, Hitler, or Muslim terrorists. All those murderous, extinction desires flow from the evilest one of all. Satan wants to disrupt God’s plan. He knows that God’s plan is centered on the Chosen Jewish people of Promise. If Satan can destroy them, he has won.
God’s plan is to bring back His Chosen People of Promise the Jews into the Land He gave them, and to see them come to faith, and then deliver them from the whole world under Satan’s sway, seeking to finally destroy them all.
And that is exactly what God’s Word explains to us, and that is what we clearly see happening over there in Jerusalem, as the world fretfully watches each day. The Scriptures as Jesus said, cannot be broken!
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