Crowns are for Christians. There are five. Will you get one?
The CROWN OF LIFE to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and persevere to the end. The perseverance of saints is one of the pieces of evidence of salvation. Thus the one who is loyal unto death gets the Crown of Life in Revelation. 2:10. This crown is especially for those enduring suffering loving Jesus all the way. This means having the desire that He be glorified through our response to trials.
The CROWN OF REJOICING is also called the soul winners crown and it consists of people we’ve won and discipled for Christ. The unselfish Worker who faithfully disciples others gets the Crown of Honor in I Thessalonians 2:19; Phil 4:1. The only things we can take with us are people! Are you taking anyone with you? Who, your friends, neighbors, children? ARE WE DISCIPLING OTHERS?
The UNFADING CROWN OF SELF-CONTROL is for Steadfast Racer that consistently brings the flesh under the Spirit’s control, resisting all that disqualifies. This one gets Imperishable Crown in I Corinthians. 9:25-27. This is the crown for holy living as in Romans 6:6-14. This is the crown for focused living as in Hebrews 12:1-2. Some of the principles of this kind of life:
The CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS goes to those who faithfully watch for Christ each day living with eternity’s values as their own. These get the Crown of Righteousness in II Tim. 4:8. Remember Paul is now at the end of his life. He is in the depths of Mamertinum. This crown is for anticipating Christ. Are you? This crown is for following to the finishing line of the course the Lord has given you? Are you? Finishing the race to the end. God crowns those who watch for Him: Look for Jesus every day.
The CROWN OF GLORY is promised to those who live as an Example to the Flock. Faithful under-shepherds get the Crown of Glory in I Peter 5:1-5. This is for ministering to the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ in keeping with the elements of verses 2 and 3: willingness; sacrificial dedication; humility; living as an example for Christ. It is for living the life as in I Tim 3:1-13 and I Peter 3:1-7. SERVE CHRIST’S CHURCH BECAUSE GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO SERVE HIM: This is for feeding the flock. This is for enduring trials. Because of the service of the redeemed, the reward given is ‘the unfading crown of glory’