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There is a plague sweeping America. It’s not AIDS nor TB, it is a dark cloud that overshadows all of life. It’s called DISCONTENT. What is the plague we face here in America? It’s the plague of discontentment. Discontentment is like an infection. You can catch it by contact unless you are resistant.
Let us meet Moses, a good place to start is in Acts 7:20-23.
Moses is the 3rd most referred to person in the Bible. No less than 784x in 19 OT books and 12 NT books he is spoken of. Only David [930x] and Jesus [942x] are more frequently talked about.
For a perspective the following facts: Jacob 332x; Abraham 277x; Paul 154x, Peter 153x; John 128x and Job 53x.
F. B. Meyer gives some valuable historical information on Moses’ life that is not commonly known:
Moses was brought up in the palace, and he was treated as the grandson of Pharaoh. When he was old enough he was probably sent to be educated in the college which had grown up around the Temple of the Sun, and has been called “the Oxford of Ancient Eqypt”…Stephen says: “Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians (Acts 7:22).
But Moses was something more than a royal student: he was a statesman and a soldier. Stephen tells us that he was “mighty in words and deeds”…mighty in words–there is the statesman; mighty in deeds—there is the soldier. (The Jewish historian) Josephus says that while he was still in his early manhood the Ethiopians invaded Egypt, routed the army sent against them and threatened Memphis.
In the panic, the oracles were consulted, and on their recommendation, Moses was entrusted with the command of the royal troops. He immediately took the field, surprised and defeated the enemy, and captured their principal city…and returned to Egypt laden with the spoils of victory.
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