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God wants us to orient every day of our lives to the truth that He is seated above each moment of our lives. Opening to Revelation 4 & 5 is much like remembering that the blazing stars of a cloudless night are always there, we just rarely see them. So, we must not let the rest of life distract us from the foundational truths that we must always remember as we open our hearts and minds to God’s Word. Every moment of every day:

Heaven is Real. God is on THE Throne; and, we are His servants.

As we open to Revelation 4:2-3, we see not only The Throne central to Heaven, we also see: The One Seated on The Throne.

The One Seated On The Throne

Every moment of life is lived before the eyes of God, Seated on His Throne.

No event of our life is missed by the One Seated there.

That is the message of the next sentence in this letter.