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As we enter into Revelation 4 & 5 we must always remember that the best explanation of Scripture is Scripture. So to see the Throne of God most clearly we must see it through the lens of all the other times God chooses to show The Throne to us.

In one of the most well known scenes in the Old Testament, The Throne of God surrounds Isaiah’s call.

Please turn with me to the scene of Isaiah 6, and notice it is representative of what we often see about God’s Throne: it is High, it is Holy, and because of the smoke and quaking, it is almost Distant.

Like Moses describing the quaking, smoke-shrouded, thundering at Mt. Sinai: God on His Throne projects Holiness, and that the unholy are put on notice to be cautious.

Like Ezekiel and the fiery whirlwinds, and strange creatures surrounded by dual haloes, and completely covered with eyes: God and His Throne are the place of absolute holiness, purity, reverence, and awe.

As we open to Isaiah’s visit to God’s Throne, remember that:

God Showed to us the Holy Atmosphere Around His Throne