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Towering over all our daily lives and worship we offer as believers: is the Throne of our God the King.

When we pray it’s to the Throne of our Hallowed Father who is King in Heaven that we are to address our prayers.

When we struggle it is to the Throne of our King of Grace and Mercy that we cry to out for help in time of need.

When we serve it is our King who tests all our good works by His refining fire, and then passes out all rewards, that we prepare to stand before.

When we worship it is the Throne of God our King, surrounded by the numberless hosts who join with us, that we sync our worship with.

We Worship our King on The Throne

As we open to Revelation 4, we find that the last book of the Bible merges the Throne of our God the King with our worship.

The only people who get to enjoy God forever are worshippers; and the only way to become a worshipper is to become God’s subject, surrendering to His Rule.

God’s servants worship Him now because we forever will bow in submission and adoration before Him.

A Biblical Theology of Worship is that we are true worshippers who serve God because we have bowed to Him as King, and He has given us a new heart.

The whole book of Revelation revolves around the facts of seeing and responding to our God on His Throne. Jesus gives us this last book to get us ready to meet and bow before Him as our King.

Please join me as we stand to read Revelation 4. As we do so we enter the Throne Room of the King of the Universe; and we see and feel the wonder of worshipping the King who sits upon that Throne.