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John was old, imprisoned, isolated, and remembering the past decade. He had seen his fellow Jews slaughtered by Rome by the hundreds of thousands. The city of Jerusalem and Temple razed, burned, and gone. All his fellow apostles hunted, persecuted, and each martyred. Now he was left in a hard-labor prison camp all alone. He was in bad times, God knew it, and wanted to send the most powerful encouragement possible.
If you listen to the news, podcasts, radio, TV, or go anywhere on the internet you know that we are living on a doomed planet. From plastic pollution to carbon emitters, from Covid variants to antibiotic-resistant pathogens, from water scarcity to food scarcity, from endangered species to rising oceans—we are at mortal risk everywhere you look or listen. Guess what? It is all true. Earth is disintegrating and finally, everyone has awakened to the dire situation all Earth dwellers face!