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Meet God’s Team of Eleven ordinary men and women who had Word Filled Lives.
Please open to Genesis 5. Enoch had a Word Filled Life – even as a dad. The Scriptures say this walk started ‘after the birth of his son’. His family wasn’t an excuse to neglect the Lord, but a prompting to seek the Lord daily! Enoch learned how to seek the Lord while living in a world so wicked that God had to drown every person alive on Earth except the 8 in the ark. How did Enoch stay Word Filled? He meditated upon the Lord while he walked! How did Enoch ever do that? Meditation – which meant Enoch “walked “ his talk with God each day. Genesis 5:22, 24 After he begot Methuselah, Enoch walked with God three hundred years and had sons and daughters. And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.
o Who do you think was following whom? Do you really think that this means that a big glowing cloud of Shekinah glory tailed Enoch? I don’t think so.
o Actually it means that God was invited into every part of Enoch’s life. All-day long at every meeting, every stop, every call, and every situation – The Lord Himself was a part of it all.
o Has the Lord been invited by you personally — into every part of your life?
Enoch chose to take God into every day, every part of his life — what the Lord had said to him went with him. If you want to be great for the Lord, learn to walk through life with God.
Next time you see a teen with their headphones on listening to something – think about your life. Are you listening to the voice of the Lord (through God’s Word that you have opened and allowed into your heart and mind)? That is what Enoch did, and it made him a hero on God’s Team. He walked through life with his headphones on – listening to the Lord!
Please open to Genesis 6. Noah had a Word Filled Life while he was consumed by his job (he HAD to finish the ark), in the wickedest work spot of all history. Noah had to work among people who had every imagination filled with evil. They were demonic, murderous, and immoral. How on Earth did Noah do it? Meditation – which meant Noah “did” what the Lord asked him to do even if it sounded impossible. Genesis 6:22 Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.
o What God had said — Noah remembered.
o What God had said — Noah kept thinking about.
o What God had said — Noah obediently did!
o Have you remembered, thought about, and acted upon THE LAST TRUTH YOU LEARNED when God spoke to you (through the voices of His apostles and prophets in God’s Word)?
o Last time you opened God’s Word — were you listening to God or just reading?
Noah was on God’s Team because he listened and obeyed. He did what God asked him to do. He remembered what God said, thought about it, and made a plan to obey what the Lord said.
Next time you read God’s Word ask yourself – what did the Lord just say to me? And what does he want me to do about that? And how can I do that in such a way that I please Him? You are becoming a man or woman of God by meditating upon God’s Word by taking it in as you live life (like Enoch) and doing something to respond obediently to God (like Noah).
Now open with me to Genesis 12. Abraham had a Word Filled Life while experiencing complete turmoil in his personal life. Abraham had a Word Filled Life while packing to move across the continent from one coast to the other. Abraham had a Word Filled Life even though he lost his job in the city and had to take up outdoor work as a cattleman. Abraham had a Word Filled Life while he had to move away from his family, raise his brother’s son, and even while moving from life in a two-story home in the city to a goat-hair tent out in the hills of Canaan. How did Abraham do it? Meditation – which meant Abraham ‘built” an altar or meeting place with God where ever he was. Genesis 12:7 Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your descendants, I will give this land.” And there he built (established; constructed) an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.
o Abraham marked out reminders of what God had revealed to him.
o Abraham wanted to remember what God said, so he invested in special time-consuming efforts to never forget what God has done, what God had promised, what God expected.
o Altars marked the big events of his walk with the Lord. Do you listen and mark clearly God’s plans for you. Are you remembering or forgetting?