Fear Not – God Wants To Put His Strong Arms – Around All Your Fears
Short Clip
First, God is Good: that means everything He does is good, kind, and helpful.
Second, God is Wise: that means that He chooses the best way, the right timing, and the best means to accomplish everything in our lives.
Third, God is All-Powerful: that means nothing can stop, hinder, thwart, or disrupt His plan.
Finally, God is Everywhere-Present: that means He is totally everywhere we are at all times.
So what does it mean to trust a Good, Wise, All-Powerful, and Everywhere-Present God in the situation above, just described?
To help us apply the truths of God to everyday life, just use these four truths to make a box, or a containing wall around those three disasters:
From  – https://youtu.be/fjifxv79crE
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