We were saved to serve God, but Satan wants to distract us from God using the world’s allurements. One of the greatest needs in life is contentment. Contentment comes only by the application of the doctrines of God to my life. Any lack of contentment signals a deficiency in experiencing God’s truth in my life. Just as prayerfulness reflects how much we need God, so our:
Contentment Reflects How Well We Know God
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There are three key truths about God that when embraced by choice in our lives, release contentment into our lives. Those truths are: the goodness of God, the omniscience of God, and the omnipotence of God.
When those truths are held to, then we accept our personal unworthiness, we mortify our personal worldliness, we pursue our friendship with God, and then we enjoy more and more satisfaction in God.
Contentment is satisfaction with God’s goodness, omniscience, and omnipotence.
Contentment produces a peaceful, thankful, and happy-with-what-you-have: type of life. Contentment unleashes God’s power into my life and ministry: no matter how bad or good it is.
Among all the saints of the Bible, Paul was probably one of the greatest of God’s servants. The vast majority of all believers down through the past two thousand years have been taught by Paul’s Epistles or came to Christ through one of Paul’s spiritual children. He started more churches in the early days, traveled more miles, and did more for the spread of Christ’s church, than any other. How was Paul so effective? Maybe it was because of:
Paul’s Testimony on Contentment
How did Paul resist the materialism of the Roman Empire, and not get infected with the greed for things and the lust for comforts? He gives his testimony in Philippians 4. The lessons are very powerful.
Paul had learned to live with what he had, not for what he wanted. Contentment is learned, Paul said; and it comes by surrender. As we open to Philippians 4:11, and invite God to speak to us through His Word, we can listen to and learn Paul’s secret.
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