I Thessalonians 1

Join me in a place 1900 years ago – Thessalonica… Bustling Seaport City Crossroad of Commerce Astride Egnatian Way Key city of travel Modern and Cosmolitan Cicero called it “The Lap of Roman Empire”

It was not only a great city but a vital, growing and loving church faced with the same issues we face today! For instance:

• How to get the gospel out [1:7-10] • How to deal with a difficult past as in pagan idolatry [1:9] • How to love one another more? [3:12-13] • How to deal with sexual temptation [4:1-6] • How to keep unity? [5:13-14] • Spiritual gifts, [5:19-20], laziness [4:11-12], questions about death [4:13-18]

So many concerns, so many needs… But how does God choose to address them thru his servant Paul? He rehearses the impact of gospel by seeing them all in the light of Christ’s coming!

In fact, every chapter has a focus on this most vital topic… 1:10; 2:1920; 3:13; 4:13-18; 5:23. Each has a special emphasis.

1] Through CHRIST’S COMING we have:

PRESENT HOPE OF SALVATION. How does that work Paul?
What does the gospel do when it is unleashed? 1. We have grace and peace [1] 2. We are thankful and we pray [2] 3. We know we are living in God’s sight [3] 4. We remind ourselves God chose us first! [4] 5. Because of our present hope of salvation we -experience the transforming power of the HolySpirit and have assurance of it. [5] 6. We have joy in spite of affliction [6] 7. Sound out the gospel . They shared testimony [7-8] 8. They turn to God. Someone listened & told all [9-10] What are the truths we can derive from these two short verses? • It was from idols • To serve God • God is life-giving • God is genuine • Christ is the Son • Christ is in Heaven • Christ is returning • We are to be waiting • God raised Christ from the dead • Christ died • Christ lives again • Jesus is the Son • Wrath is coming • We are delivered

That’s quite an impact. The Gospel – A present hope of salvation! Let’s open our hearts today!