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God offers us the Greatest Partnership
One of my favorite moments in ministry is when a bride and groom, with trembling hearts, are standing with me at a wedding ceremony. The Holy Covenant of marriage offers to them if they are in Christ, access to the greatest power of all—total agreement in prayer to ask for God’s blessing. May I remind you of what couples agree to be at just one portion of the ceremony? It is usually called the lighting of the Unity Candle:
The two outside candles have been lit to represent your lives to this moment. They are two distinct lights, each capable of going its separate way.
To bring joy and radiance into your home, there must be the merging of these two flames into one.
From this time onward may your thoughts be for each other rather than for your individual selves; may your plans be mutual, and your joys and sorrows be shared.
Wow, every time I say that it gives me shivers of joy to think that is what our marriages are all about. The Lord has offered each of us a choice. We can either choose to follow His plan or ours through life. If we follow His plan we get to merge our life completely with another believer, and share the promised power that comes if we walk together in God’s Spirit. As a believing couple, we can have unhindered access to God’s Throne, in powerful prayers, agreeing with the one person of earth we can be closer to than anyone else. Is that what your marriage is like? And, is that what you want it to be if you aren’t yet married?
One of the most visible of all our choices is the person we marry. The choice we make will determine so much of the rest of our days on earth. We will either pursue a partner who is merely our choice, or one who is most important, the one God has made just for us to complete our life and give us that closest friend and partner to share all of life with, enjoying God’s blessing.
The resulting years of marriage will be either delightful or disastrous. The lesson to heed for each of you not yet married is that:
God’s Best is Worth the Wait