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God Think Of Your LifeGod Think Of Your Life



THE MOST VITAL OPINION: All that really matters in life may be reduced to one simple reality–what does God think of what you are doing or have done. As we open in our Bibles to the last sentence of 2 Samuel 11:27 and read those words—that is exactly the perspective God presents of David’s life at that moment.
ALL that mattered at that MOMENT and for ETERNITY–is what God thought of what David had done. And David did not please the Lord! 2 Samuel 11:27b “…But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.” NKJV
THINK ABOUT the moments, hours, days, and weeks that followed this statement. The ornate halls of Jerusalem’s royal palace became strangely silent those days. It seemed as if David had lost his voice. DAVID CHANGED: David, the most written about person in God’s Word, has changed.
He has slowly withdrawn from what had most characterized him for all the years since his boyhood on the hills of Judah. David’s song had stopped.
In days past, sweet songs of God’s power were often heard coming from the throne room of this victorious warrior. The shepherd boy becomes king had carried his stringed instrument, a harp or lyre, into the daily life of leading God’s people. This man, who was a living and talking expression of God’s heart, was always refreshing those he touched with his praises to the Lord.
It was a daily treat, for the myriads of aides and clerks and military attaches to hear their king rapturously sing great hymns of worship.
Down the halls had flowed rivers of praise to the Lord–passing the conquered treasures taken from fallen kingdoms, over the storehouses of consecrated gold and silver heaped for the future temple to God. These songs poured out of David’s mouth from a heart filled with the goodness of God. Each song (or Psalm) sent from God to David was such a treasure from heaven.

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