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Here’s part #2 of last week’s sessions in New York, from our newest Revelation Course.
With the picture of Jesus walking into the Jerusalem Temple and with a whip driving out anything that was not in keeping with God’s holiness, think of the verses before us. On His walkthrough of the new temple of God in His Church, Jesus found that believers had dragged into their lives and thus into His Temple, all sorts of bad stuff. Christ’s Report After Examining His Church
1-The saints in Ephesus had allowed other things in life to rob Jesus of first place in their hearts, in their schedules, in their concentration, and all that signaled that He was no longer the supreme love of their lives.
2-The Pergamites had gotten comfortable with the world, and had blended right into the activities, entertainments, and habits of the lost world around them and were no longer distinctive.
3-The Thyatirans were tolerating sin and allowed false doctrines to permeate Christ’s Church.
4-The Sardians were dead, they no longer looked alive in Christ, their minds no longer appeared filled with new life from Christ. They were walking corpses acting, thinking, walking like all those dead in trespasses and sin around them.
5-And finally, the Laodiceans were so bad, so distracted by their materialistic pursuits of pleasure, had become so un-needing of Christ that Jesus wanted to spit them out of His mouth, like a sickening taste, or a spoiled piece of food that could only be vomited out.
Now, as we open again to Revelation 2-3, and read this vivid, eye-witness description of Christ, isn’t it clearer why Jesus has those flaming eyes, and those feet of brass and a sword coming out of His mouth?
Jesus is walking through His new temple made up of the bodies of all those redeemed saints He has bought with His own blood, and the new temple has gotten almost as bad as the old one. Jesus is headed to cleanse the temple of His Church in chapters 2-3, and we see how He looks as He is on the way to do so in these verses in chapter 1.
Seeing Christ Cleaning Out His Early Church