We have opened our Bibles to the start of the greatest week in the history of the universe since spoken into creation by the Creator. On this day, Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem at the time the Passover Lamb was chosen. He proclaimed Himself as the Promised Messiah by riding on a donkey as prophesied and coming from the East. But His true kingship would be as God’s Lamb, our Passover Lamb.
Palm Sunday is a time of great invitation. On this day they had to choose a lamb to cover their sins, we also need to choose our Lamb. Just as in the 1st Palm Sunday, some chose Christ and others didn’t, so we have a choice today.
Have you chosen Jesus as your Lamb? You can, just bow your heart before Him right now and admit to God that you need an offering for your sins to be forgiven and that Jesus is the Lamb that you choose! What a day to pick Jesus, the very day He offered Himself as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!
Palm Sunday is the day all of Israel was to pick their lamb. Over a million people came up to Jerusalem each year to celebrate the great Feast of the Passover. In AD 30 Passover was on Saturday and so all of the people had to pick a lamb the Sunday before Passover (Palm Sunday) so they could keep that lamb with them for 4 days as detailed in Exodus 12. So Jesus came from the East (The direction both the Tabernacle and Temple faced, the way of God’s presence entering the Tabernacle and Temple, the way the ark entered the Land, the way the wise men came seeking the King, where Messiah will return and from where He ascended) on that Sunday.
Jesus also entered the sheep gate on the eats where all the Passover lambs were washed and carried up for inspection in the Temple. He came and offered Himself on the exact day promised by God in Daniel 9 and stayed in the area of Jerusalem for 4 days until Thursday when the Galileans celebrated their Passover before the Judeans celebrated theirs on Friday PM
The arrival of Jesus on the 10th of Nissan in AD30 was one of the greatest moments in all of history. Jesus hit Jerusalem with pinpoint accuracy. Jesus came on the very day and hour God had appointed for His presentation to the Nation and the World as God’s Passover Lamb. It was an exact fulfillment of a precise prophecy.
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