Fear Not – God Wants To Put His Strong Arms – Around All Your Fears
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Lives that Reflect that we are: Trusting Changeless Truths About God.
Psalm 18:2 reminds us: The Lord is my Rock.
We are invited to have our life anchored by the truth about God our Rock. This life anchored to truth only started at our salvation, because it never stops growing. We live each day walking by faith and resting upon the solid foundation of trusting our Changeless God.
Jesus came to reveal the Father to us. Jesus is the doorway to all that God has promised and revealed. Here are some of the most foundational of those truths about God that make for a very sure foundation:
First, His Eternity: (that God is seeing everything at once vividly past, present, future);
Second, His Unchangeableness: (that God is unchanging in His perfections, purposes, and promises);
Third, His Wisdom: (that God chooses best goals and means to those goals);
Fourth, His Omniscience: (that God is knowing Himself and all things actual and possible);
Finally, His desire for us to stay connected through the Doctrine of Prayer: (our personal contact with God), because we know that “Prayer changes the way God acts”.
When believers are confused or untaught about the attributes of God, it leads to instability, and needless fears: so we need to dive in and know what His Word says. What are the key attributes that have to do with these Changeless Truths about God?
From – https://youtu.be/fjifxv79crE
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