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What Motivated the Early Church?
Hebrews 10:24-25 “Stir up…as you see the Day approaching…”
1. EAT—Time listening to God
By feeding on His Word.
(Scripture Reading)
2. CHEW—Time applying
God’s Word to my life.
(Scripture Memory & Meditating)
Talking to God.
4. GO—Time talking to others
About God’s Plan of Salvation.
(Witnessing & Soul Winning)
Want to Stir-up the Saints around you?
Ask them, each time you see them, about—
EATING: What Are You Reading & Feeding Your Soul Upon From God’s Word?
CHEWING: What Are You Memorizing & Meditating Upon From God’s Word? How’s God changing you? BREATHING: What Are You Praying & Beseeching God For?
GOING: Who Are You Seeking & Sharing The Gospel With?