“What will we do in Heaven? Is it only bowing down around the Throne? Does the Bible explain other activities?”
God’s Word presents at least five distinct dimensions of Heaven:
Heaven as the place where everything that is GOOD & PERFECT (James 1:17) actually originates; that means all the amazing sensations of our human lives: sight, smell, taste, touch, emotion, thought, memory, anticipation, and activities are at their supreme level. Think of our sense of sight & smell in perfect form; of taste & touch the same; and of all the delights of anticipation & reminiscence.
Heaven as the place where Jesus said real LIFE finally begins; that means any of the joys, delights, and pleasures of life that are good with be magnified in Heaven. Anything you will ever experience, enjoy, share, and treasure in life that was good, will be BEST in Heaven. Never forget that Jesus created all these amazing pleasures of life.
Heaven is the place that is always portrayed as surrounding a huge, happy BANQUET of feasting on food and drinks, and unhurriedly surrounded by friends; all of the best pleasures of Earth are perfected and magnified in Heaven for us the redeemed (just as all the worst evils of Earth will be endlessly magnified for the lost).
Heaven as the place where everyone that we have ever invested our time, talents, and treasures into, either directly or indirectly, will be SEEKING US OUT, welcoming us by inviting us into their rooms of our Father’s House: to share what the Lord did through us in their lives. That means as we daily surrender to Christ’s living His life through us that: we pray for, teach, lead to Christ, disciple, support in ministry, help through life’s struggles, encourage in the Word, sorrow & sympathize with, plus all whose lives they touch onward for the Lord: comes back to touch us with delightful joy, forever in Heaven!
Heaven is finally the place of the Throne, falling down before God, and joining everyone in the Universe together in worship of His Greatness & Glory. That is what is most portrayed in the Scriptures, but it is not the only element we are taught is a part of our eternal home.
Think deeply about what you know already and apply it to Heaven:
Today we only partially taste of the joys of Heaven. What are the good and perfect joys of life? Here are just a few to think of with me:
The wonders of taste: with all the amazing and almost endless variations of sweet, sour, spicy, tart, smooth, salty, creamy, buttery, citrusy, rich, hearty, herb-infused; the taste of perfectly done fish, perfectly prepared beef, or ham, smoked bacon, corn soufflés, chocolate cakes, cranberry-orange sauces, creamy Italian, basil pesto, hints of peppermint, sage, cilantro, or cloves & ginger. All of those are the wonders of taste…see how each of them lights up memory paths of synaptic connections that GOD created for our pleasure.
The wonders of smell: with such endless varieties from the smell of the rain, the smell of the leaves, the scent of roses, the subtle hints of spices, herbs, the smell mowed grass fields, the smell of a cider mill, or a paper mill, and the acrid smell of burning leaves. The soft smells of camp fires, and frying in butter; or better yet the smell of baking bread, cookies, or sizzling steaks. How about all the amazing differences between the smells of fruit, laundry detergents, popcorn popping, subtle perfumes, and sweat after exercises. All of those are the wonders of smell…see how each of them lights up memory paths of synaptic connections that GOD created for our pleasure.
The wonders of sight: with all the colors, hues, shapes, and variations. Think of sunsets, storms, and softly falling huge flakes of snow; or think of daffodils just bursting out in their springtime yellows, of tulips, or corn fields, wheat fields, huge oaks and maples, mountains, oceans, beaches. Think about sunrises, harvest moons, the Milky Way, and a night so clear and the stars so bring it seems you could touch them. All of those are the wonders of sight…see how each of them lights up memory paths of synaptic connections that GOD created for our pleasure.
The wonders of doing: think about all the things we can do: writing, thinking, planning, learning. Or of how we can be cooking, baking, sewing, crafting. Or of how we can be skiing, swimming, surfing, skating. Or of how we can go hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. Or of how we can enjoy painting, woodworking, building, drawing. How about how we can be designing, programming, collecting, studying. Add to that the wonders of discovering, traveling, exploring, and experiencing. All of those are the wonders of doing…see how each of them lights up memory paths of synaptic connections that GOD created for our pleasure.
Conclusion: The best, brightest, most beautiful parts of every dimension of our Earthly life will be exponentially, immeasurably more so in Heaven!
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