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I just finished a week at the summer Bible Conference at Word of Life Pines. It was SUCH a blessing. Here is my three-part summary of the last 7 chapters of Revelation.
An Expositional Survey of the last 7 chapters of Revelation
How does God portray to those earliest readers the defeat of Satan?
1—First, in chapters 6-16 the wrath of God hits Earth’s ecology, climate, oceans, air, land, weather patterns, and food supply. The Earth’s amazing life systems are all destroyed. Those “earth dwellers” as God calls them, who worship the Earth—are resoundingly shown they can’t save the planet.
2—Then, in chapter 17 all of mankind’s heroes, mythologies, science fiction, and religions are decimated. No superheroes arrive or rise up to save them, even Satan’s man called the Beast or Antichrist can’t stop God’s wrath.
3—Next, in chapter 18 God destroys Satan’s final realm, all the idols of materialism—indulgence, pleasures, thrills, entertainment, amusement, comfort, convenience, wealth, treasures, and security. God’s wrath targets and destroys every one of those things humanity desired more than God.
4—Finally in chapter 19 we see the saints in glory, arrayed in white, mounting their heavenly transports and following the King of all kings to Earth. Jesus speaks and the armies disintegrate to corpses, the Devil is chained and imprisoned and the sheep and goats are sorted out.
That is what the early saints needed to know.
God wins, Satan is defeated.
Then in chapter 20 Earth is restored. God makes the air all clean, the soil all rich and full of life, the waters pure and refreshing, sins is restrained, righteousness rules, and Paradise returns. After a brief final rebellion led by Satan as soon as he’s unchained, God sets up the Great White Throne and raises all who ever lived. Jesus sits as Judge, pronouncing just punishment for all sin, consigns unforgiven sinners to endless reminders of their sin, and ends all rebellion forever.
Finally Heaven opens, God is with all those who loved Him, wanted Him, reached out for Him, and by faith believed He gave them endless life. The indescribable adventures of living with God begin. Wow.