Our world is dying. Have you noticed it?
-When you look at the pollution of our world,
-when you hear as we did this week that 10% (or 866 species) of the world’s trees are going extinct this decade,
-when the oceans are depleted of their abundant harvests of fish
-when the birds of Mexico City fall from the smoke-laced skies in death
-when industrial wastes have cast a blanket of death across the farms and forests of eastern Europe . . .
In Revelation 19:11- 20:10, we see in three distinct strokes, God’s mighty plan.
 First of all 19:11-21 – THE RETURN of the King of Kings.
 Secondly 20:1-3 – THE RESTRAINT of the adversary.
 Finally 20:4-10 – THE RULE of the Messiah. Let’s plunge into the first phase – the return of the King of Kings.