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Please open with me in your Bibles to God’s final written communication to humanity.
God’s Final Written Communication to Humans
The Book of the Revelation is unique. These 404 verses were sent to the Earth by God the Father, through His Son: the Lord Jesus Christ. Those final written words are part of the Holy Scriptures, inspired by God, sent through His Prophets and Apostles, to us who hear His voice.
The flow of Revelation is simple to see.
• Chapter 1 is Jesus Christ showing Himself as God the Son in all His glory, like the Sun’s blazing light.
• Chapters 2 and 3 are His personal letters to the churches that bear His Name.
• Chapters 4 and 5 are His guided tour of the Throne Room of God Almighty.
But as we turn the page to Revelation 6, everything seems to change. Before we launch into this biggest section of Revelation, covering the fifteen chapters from Revelation 6-20, we need to conclude this study of the Throne Room of the Universe.
Why Did God Send Us Revelation 6-20?
The last thing we need to consider is: why do we even need Revelation 6-20?
Why would God devote the majority of His final words to humanity, portraying such gloom and doom? As a warning.
Why do we need to read God describing disasters, plagues, solar storms, wars, murders, famines, demon armies, and hard-hearted human rebellion? As a reminder.
Or even more simply: why does God choose to make His Last Words almost exclusively negative? Out of 404 individual verses, only 25% of them or 1/4th could be called positive, or encouraging. The rest of the verses are about sins, horrors, warnings, and blazing judgments poured out. That is a ratio of 3:1. There are three sharp warning verses for–every one encouraging verse.
That is the Lesson God Wants us to Learn