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The Destination & Application of Our Prayers. Each time we pray in Christ’s Name that prayer rises before the Face of God our Father.
God our Father is seated in the Throne Room of the Universe as the Almighty Lord overall. He is all-powerful, He is all-knowing, He is the all caring, He is the all-loving, and He is the always and everywhere present One to whom we are to unceasingly pray. So to make that lesson Jesus taught about us as His followers to “always pray”, we now come to the illustration of what happens when we pray.
This chapter explains prayer. Where prayers go. What God does with them; and how God answers prayers that don’t get an immediately visibly response. For most believers the perplexing issue is when God does not answer what we ask Him to do, especially when it involves us as His children being oppressed, afflicted, unjustly treated, harmed, any horribly abused. When nothing happens from our perspective, what is happening up there where we can’t see right now: the Throne of God. What goes on at the Throne of Grace & Mercy, as the writer of Hebrews calls the Throne of God?
That mystery is here beautifully explained. Revelation 8 explains the Silence of God, and the Cries of His Suffering saints.
The Silence of God & The Cries of His Suffering Saints
Silence after a profusion of sound can be deafening. Nothing stands out more clearly in Revelation 8 than the deafening, half-hour of silence that opens this next chapter.
In His carefully orchestrated plan to reveal Christ to His Church, God has given this chapter as one of the most vital places to connect the dots between the unanswered prayers of saints for thousands of years, and the perfect plans of God. First remember that this chapter comes to us, engineered by God to arrive right after seven chapters filled with:
The Sounds of Worship in Heaven