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Jesus’ Favorite Book



Have you studied the ANCIENT PROPHETIC VOICE of God through Isaiah lately? I just finished teaching this magnificent book here in Asia. The early church called Isaiah the “Fifth Gospel”, and it was Paul, Peter, John, and Jesus’ FAVORITE book of the Bible. Isaiah is quoted from or alluded to 472 times by 23 New Testament books.
ISAIAH contains more references to salvation that any other Old Testament book (The word salvation appears 33 times in the writing of the prophets, and of these, 26 instances occur in Isaiah.)
Isaiah contains the only Old Testament prophecy concerning the virgin birth of Christ (cf. Isaiah. 7:14 with Matthew. 1:21-23).
Isaiah is a miniature model of the Bible: the Bible has 66 books and Isaiah has 66 chapters; the Old Testament has 39 books the first section of Isaiah has 39 chapters; the New Testament has 27 books the last section of Isaiah has 27 chapters; the 39 Old Testament books record the history and sin of Israel so does Isaiah 1-39; the New Testament introduces Christ and His ministry so does Isaiah 40-66.
Isaiah contains the two furthest reaching events in all of history: The most ancient event is the fall of Satan (14:12-17) and the most future event, the creation of the new heavens and earth (66:22).
Isaiah has more to say about the greatness of God (40,43), the horrors of the Tribulation (24), the wonders of the Millennium (35), and the ministry of Christ (53) than any other book in the Bible.
Isaiah also contains one of the Old Testament’s clearest statements on the Trinity (48:16).
Isaiah 53 is probably the most important chapter in the Old Testament, as it is quoted from or alluded to 85 times in the New Testament. Jesus said that Isaiah saw His glory and spoke of Him (John 12:41).
Isaiah makes the Old Testament’s clearest prophecy about an individual. The Persian King Cyrus and his decree are both mentioned by Isaiah 150 years before Cyrus was even born! (See Isaiah. 44:28; 45:1.)


Jesus' Favorite Book

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