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Do you have a Christian mind?
Did you know that researchers say that the average human mind thinks over 10,000 thoughts each day? What you do with all those thoughts will shape your Christian mind!
The start of all spiritual growth and all spiritual warfare is in the mind.
God wants you and me to have Christian minds.
Satan has a plan to inhibit, impede, and interrupt that growth and victory. He wants to do it by:
• Snatching the word of god from you.
• Filling our minds with lies, immorality, and false doctrine.
• Drowning us in such a sea of sin that we become tolerant of it.
• Entertaining us with sin so it doesn’t seem as evil as it really is.
• Having us laugh at sin on tv and in movies.
• Twisting our minds by putting sinful ideas into appealing music.
• Confusing our emotions by corrupting our desires.
• Drawing our affections after the wrong things.
• Destroying our consciences so they no longer warn us.
• Debilitating our will so we do things we really should not do.
So how can he do that? By getting our minds off the way! Remember how Paul writes about the way to live the life of holiness in First Thessalonians chapter four. To a group of saints he loved so much he gives the seven secrets of separated to God, holy living.
The 4th secret is a warning.
Stay away from things that cloud your Christian mind! 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8