Short Clip
This summer as we glided along the interstate highways, crossing the Appalachian Mountains I noticed a sign that said:
“Continental Divide: A raindrop falling on this side will flow to the Gulf of Mexico, one falling on the other side will flow to the Atlantic.”
As I drove on, a very sobering feeling settled over my heart and mind.
Two raindrops can fall just inches apart and yet arrive at two vastly different destinations. Hydrology teaches us that there are continental divides, separators that determine destinations.
The Christmas story contains a picture of two raindrops. Two sets of people, so close in their family upbringing, so close in education, so close in the environment, so close in everyday life—yet so far apart in destiny. Beware of getting so close in every way–but your heart, to Christ. Beware of being acquainted with Christ but never knowing Him.
How close can you get to Jesus and still be too far away? That is what the religious leaders of Christ’s day demonstrate to us this Christmas. So close they were, and yet so far away they remained. It is possible to be as close as them, and yet miss all that Christ and Christmas have to offer.
Matthew 2 introduced us to the chief priests and scribes, we’ll come back to them. Luke 1 will introduce us to a priest and his wife. How about it? Are you looking for Jesus this Christmas? Or is this Christmas flying by so fast you will miss what God is offering you? Everyone who was looking for Jesus to come enjoyed His arrival. As we examine their lives we can often see ourselves. Who are you going to be like this Christmas—it is your choice you know. Open with me to Luke 1.5-6 and meet these two saints Zacharias and Elisabeth.