Short Clip
FIVE Choices that Can Strengthen Our Focus upon God
1-Make a choice to Read God’s Word before Social Media or any online activities each morning. That choice reflects Christ’s Words in Matthew 6:33 “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God”.
2-Make a plan to: Create an intentional place of solitude, so that you can not only read God’s Word but also avoid any distractions until you can prayerfully apply the lesson you found: into your own life. That is the MOST VITAL part of each day’s devotional time. Jesus called this in Matthew 4:4 “living by every word of God”.
3-Decide you will start a new habit to Pray or meditate on a verse instead of listening to music for 15 minutes a day as you walk, drive, or ride. This can transform our travel time into an altar of sacrifice to God. Many of us are all alone as we travel except that Someone else is there, often sitting right next to us. God is waiting for us to talk to Him, invite Him into our day and JUST BELIEVE that He tags around with us everywhere we go.
4-Take the huge step of fasting from the ultimate distraction of Media: Skip a day of going online, and of Social Media as a fast to prove you are not controlled by anything, and INSTEAD memorize one verse to meditate upon that feeds your soul.
5-Finally, ask the Lord if He is able to give you ENOUGH of His grace for you to Have a no-TV, no video, no Social Media, no gaming week or month and see if you can study through an entire book of the Bible or read a great Christian classic.
Presenting Everything Back to Him (Romans 12:1-2)
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