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Titus 2 records what the early church was commissioned by God, to teach among those who came to Christ. Paul explains a truth, a spiritual reality, and a wonderfully high calling: Godly women who are also godly wives will learn to love their husbands with a love they can feel.

Being a Titus 2 woman of godliness should be the desire of every woman for her life, every wife for her marriage, every mother for her daughters, every husband for his wife, and every child for their mother. Because:

Titus 2 is the
Pattern God Gave

If you want to be vital in Christ’s church, useful in God’s Kingdom, rewarded at Christ’s Bema Seat Judgment these verses are your marching orders.

There is no clearer pattern for a godly woman in all of God’s Word than the twelve character qualities recorded in these verses. This is what God desires, explains, and expects from obedient and godly women.

If you are looking for a passage to study in depth that can change your life—here it is.

If you want a special passage to memorize and meditate upon that can transform your thinking and life’s direction—here it is.

And, if you want to go through life confident that you are doing exactly what God wants you to do each day—here it is.

Most of us struggle with purpose, wondering if our days are spent wisely.

The Pattern for Godly
Living in this World

Titus 2 contains a lesson from God that you don’t have to go away to a far away place to accomplish. You do not have to get financial support to start, you don’t have to have any spectacular gifting—all you need is to love and follow the Lord and you can start down the Titus 2 track.

Now lest any of us men start feeling badly about such a wonderful God given way for women to invest their lives—there is also an equally clear 12-part mandate for Titus 2 men.

As we open our Bibles to Titus 2:1-5, listen to the very voice of God speaking not to a select few, but to all of us here today.

God is asking each of us to live in such a way that our life can become a pattern of His grace that can be used to mentor, encourage, coach, tutor, teach, train and guide another’s life towards Him.