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How Should We Approach The One on The Throne?
Jesus explains how we approach the One on the Throne of Heaven, and it revolutionizes our prayers. First we come knowing in our hearts that He is Our Father.
He is Kind: we don’t have to fear.
He is Perfect: He needs no improvement at His job as Father.
He Gives Rewards: He wants to pour out His blessings upon us.
He Sees everything, Hears Prayers, and is everywhere present.
He Knows our Needs: even before we ask but has chosen that prayer is the way He works in us and through us.
He is the One we pray to.
He forgives sins: and knows how much we have failed Him, and will fail Him, and still forgives us endlessly.
He deeply cares for us: He is neither distant, nor detached. He bears long with us (Luke 18:1-8) as we persistently seek Him.
He is the Same One Seated on The Throne in Revelation 4


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