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Short Clip
I am guilty. I was wrong. I am sorry—please take from me the just punishment I deserve.
So begins the greatest song about the love of God experienced by a most desperate man named David.
David was overwhelmed. In a moment he went from absolute gloom and heaviness of soul to the joy of his sins lifted off. That weight that had grown heavier day after day was now lifted. The spiritual scales that had slowly taken the color and light from his life were removed.
His soul now flooded with light and peace began again to drink deeply from the wells of his salvation.
David had fallen so far, so fast—but the dullness of his soul spread to every inch of his spiritual life had pressed him harder and harder. But now that weight was lifted.
His cold heart was warmed; his tormented soul was set free. David was no longer trapped in a painfully chastened body.
David had left the bottom, where he had stayed there for almost a year.
How did David get back on track? And even more, pressing for each of us here this evening–how do we come back to God when we’ve sinned and grown cold and distant?
The Pathway Back
God’s Word gives us a pathway, we can follow David. When you have been defeated by sin, David is inspired of God to tell us four steps we can take to come back to God.
#1 Understand that all Sin is Against God. (Psalm 51:1-4)
#2 Take Personal Responsibility for your Sin. (Psalm 51:5-9)
#3 Believe that Only God can cleanse and restore us. (Psalm 51:10-13)
#4 Seek God and repent. (Psalm 51:14-19)